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Matthias Morys

Cursus :

Matthias Morys is lecturer in Economic History, University of York, Department of Economics

Publications :

- Business Cycles in South-East Europe from Independence to the End of the Cold War (with M. Ivanov)
- Emerging Stock Markets in Historical Perspective : A Research Agenda (with S. Battilossi)
- Causes, Consequences and Sustainability of Late 19th Century Globalization (with K. O’Rourke and G. Daudin)
- Adjustment under the Classical Gold Standard (1870s-1914): How Costly did the External Constraint Come to the European Periphery ?

Affiliation : Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York

Statut : Lecturer

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Exposé(s) :
The emergence of the Classical Gold Standard in the 1870s.
Matthias Morys

Conférence issue de la table ronde "Monnaies et économies au XIXème siècle (de l'Europe à l'Asie)" organisée par le programme DAMIN et le LabEx TransferS les 13 et 14 janvier 2012

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