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New Observations on the Dura Periplus-Map and the Pseudo-Arrian’s Periplus of the Black Sea
mardi 24 mars 2015

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Exposé de Konstantin Boshnakov lors du colloque "La mer Noire (4e-7e siècles apr. J.-C.) la fin du monde antique, début d’un ordre nouveau ? "
Organisateurs: Anca Dan (Paris), Hans-Joachim Gehrke (Fribourg-en-Brisgau / Berlin), Alexandr Podossinov (Moscou).

New Observations on the Dura Periplus-Map and the Pseudo-Arrian’s Periplus of the Black Sea

By taking the comparative analytical, elimination, and diachronic methods, this paper argues that a systematic juxtaposition between texts from Pseudo-Arrian’s Periplus of the Euxine Sea and a discrete document as the so-called Dura Map can produce a firm terminus ante quem (256 AD) for the former work and discern this way an earlier text layer (called first hand) that may have belonged to Arrian himself. It proposes also that a Byzantine hand, whose profile largely matches the modus operandi of Marcian of Heraclea, compiled later on the rest of the work.

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Konstantin Boshnakov
Université de Toronto

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Konstantin Boshnakov has been teaching History of Ancient Civilizations at European and Canadian universities and colleges for more than twenty years. His research and publications relate to the historical geography of the Mediterranean world, Greek colonization and diplomatic interactions with non-Greeks, origins of Greek Historiography, Hellenistic Art.  Selected monographs:  Pseudo-Skymnos (Semos von Delos?) (= Palingenesia. Schriftenreihe für Klassische Altertumswissenschaften Bd. 82). Stuttgart 2004 ; Die Thraker südlich vom Balkan in den Geographika Strabos. Quellenkritische Untersuchungen (= Palingenesia. Schriftenreihe für Klassische Altertumswissenschaften Bd. 81). Wiesbaden 2003 ; Rulers of Ancient Europe (English, Bulgaria/Greek version), Sofia, 2003/2007.

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