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Catherine Dossin

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Catherine Dossin is an art historian. Originally from France she received a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. She is an assistant professor at Purdue University, where she teaches courses on modern and contemporary art in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Her research is rooted in historiography and geopolitics with an emphasis on transnational dialogues. She is currently working on a history of the reception of American art in postwar Europe. She is the President of the European Post-War and Contemporary Art Forum (ECAF) and the co-editor of the Artl@s Bulletin.

Publications :

Geopolitics of the Western Art World, 1940s-1980s, Ashgate, to be published in 2014

Affiliation : Purdue University

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Exposé(s) :
The German Century: towards a Geopolitical Art History
Catherine Dossin , Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel , Nicole Kong

Conférence donnée par Nicole Kong, Catherine Dossin et Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel dans le cadre du colloque "Global art history and the peripheries", organisé par le Artl@s project à l'ENS.

Taking Michel Espagne’s work on Cultural T...
Mots-clés : cartographie , Géopolitique , Global art history and the peripheries , Histoire de l'art , système d'information géographique