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Daniel Faulkner

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Daniel Faulkner est professeur de géologie au département des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Océan à l'Université de Liverpool.

Géologue de terrain  et expérimentateur, il centre ses travaux sur la circulation des fluides dansla croûte terrestre, les propriétés de friction  des zones de faille..

Publications :

- Mitchell, T.M. and Faulkner, D.R. Fault damage zones. In preparation, August 2006
- Faulkner, D.R., Mitchell, T.M. and Rutter, E.H. On the structure and mechanical properties of large strike-slip fault zones. Submitted to Geological Society of London Special Publication, August 2006.
- Rutter, E.H., Faulkner, D.R., Brodie, K.H., Phillips, R., and Searle, M.P. Observations of brittle deformation and implications for recent history and the seismic character of the Karakoram fault zone, Ladakh Himalayas, northern India. Submitted to J. Structural Geol., August 2006.
- Heap M. J. and Faulkner D. R. Elastic property development in variably fractured crystalline rock. Submitted to J. Structural Geol., July 2006.
- Cembrano, J., Faulkner, D.R., Herrera, V. and Mitchell, T.M. On the formation of and fluid pressure within strike-slip dilational jogs: constraints on crustal stresses at depth. Submitted to Geology, July 2006.
- Crawford, B.R., Faulkner, D.R. and Rutter, E.H. Strength, porosity and permeability development during hydrostatic and shear loading in synthetic quartz-clay fault gouge. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, July 2006.
- Faulkner, D.R., Mitchell, T.M., Healy, D. and Heap, M.J. Slip on 'weak' faults by the rotation of regional stress in the fracture damage zone. In press, Nature, August 2006.
- Faulkner, D.R. 2004. A model for the variation in permeability of clay-bearing fault gouge with depth in the brittle crust. Geophysical Research Letters, 31, No. 19, L19611.
- Faulkner, D.R., Lewis, A.C. and Rutter, E.H. 2003. On the internal structure and mechanics of large strike-slip faults: field observations from the Carboneras fault, southeastern Spain. Tectonophysics 367,
- Faulkner, D.R. and Rutter, E.H. 2003. The effect of temperature, nature of the pore fluid, and sub-yield differential stress on the permeability of phyllosilicate-rich fault gouge. Journal of Geophysical Research 108,

Affiliation : University of Liverpool - Département de géologie et physique

Statut : Professeur

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The permeability and frictional strength of clay-bearing fault gouge : implications for earthquake nucleation and propagation
Daniel Faulkner

Faults in many different tectonic settings contain a significant proportion of clay. Clays typically have frictional strength that is lower than predicted by Byerlee’s rule, and have been proposed as a means to allow slip on ’weak’ faults. M...
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