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The evolutionary biology of drug resistance
mercredi 20 mars 2013

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Conférence de Troy Day organisée par l'IBENS.

The evolution of resistance to drugs used for combating infectious diseases has become one of the most serious public health problems in modern medicine. In this talk I will present some theoretical and empirical results that explore this problem from several different perspectives, with the goal of better mitigating the emergence and spread of resistance. I will show how simple mathematical models of the drug supply system, of the population-level epidemiology, and of the within-host dynamics of pathogen replication, can contribute to this goal. I will conclude by illustrating how these theoretical results suggest a new approach for preventing the evolution of resistance and present some preliminary data that supports these ideas.

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Troy Day
Queen's University

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Troy Day est professeur et chaire de recherche du Canada  en biologie mathématique à la Queen's University, où il a été nommé conjointement au Département de mathématiques et statistiques et au Département de biologie.

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