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The Political and Social Stakes of the Market in Early Modern Europe
lundi 29 juin 2015

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Conférence de Laurence Fontaine  lors du colloque "Pricing, Practices, Ranking" organisé par le département de Sciences Sociales et le département d’Économie

Première session:  Prices and Markets

In Early Modern Europe, how did market exchange concretely take place? What were the economic, social and political stakes involved? Who and how did people set up prices in a status society in which there was high uncertainty about the quality and quantity of goods exchanged? This last question needs to be raised at two levels: first, regarding the relationship between social status and market transactions; second, with regarding the role played by status in the various modalities of pricing as well as in the choices the social agents made. For instance, why was there bargaining in some cases and auctions for other types of goods ?
To answer these questions, the communication will first analyse how the aristocrats, the clergy and the common people used to set up prices. It will then examine another form of market exchange, auctioning, in order to understand why it was used by all groups of society. Special attention will also be given to the effects of these different ways of setting prices on women and their capacity of action.

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Laurence Fontaine
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Laurence Fontaine est directrice de recherches au CNRS à l'EHESS et membre de l'équipe Enquêtes, terrains, théories (ETT) du centre Maurice halbwachs.

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