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Tradition and Modernity in the Mirror of the Cartoons of Azerbaijani Satirical Magazine 'Molla Nasreddin'
mercredi 20 janvier 2016

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Conférence de Shahin Mustafayev, directeur adjoint de l’institut d’études orientales de l’Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences , professeur invité du Labex TransferS au mois de janvier 2016 autour de la thématique Transferts culturels dans le Caucase et en Asie Centrale.

The emergence of new forms and genres of Azerbaijani culture and literature of the early 20th century was the result of long and profound changes in the social life of Muslims of South Caucasus, which took place under the influence of Russian colonial regime and the penetration of Western ideas and values ​​into the traditional life of Azerbaijan. One of the most striking manifestations of the social and cultural transformations was the emergence of an entirely new genre – caricatures or cartoons. The colorfully illustrated satirical magazine “Molla Nasreddin”, which has started published in the Caucasus in Azerbaijani language since 1906 has become pioneer of this new trend. According to the young and the secular Muslim intellectuals the denunciatory power of its cartoons should have been aimed against obstacles to “the progress” of the Muslim population, namely, the domination of clericalism, illiteracy, lack of education, as well as colonial rule. Examples of these cartoons are going to be presented as justification of critical thinking of Azerbaijani intellectuals in early 20th century.

du séminaire transferts culturels
Shahin Mustafayev
Académie Nationale des Sciences de la République d'Azerbaidjan

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 Shahin Mustafayev est historien et directeur adjoint de l’institut d’études orientales de l’Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

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