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Inorganic chemistry in cells
jeudi 19 janvier 2023

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In the XIXth century, there was a clear conceptual demarcation between inorganic and organic chemistry. The term “organic” had been coined from the “chemistry of organised systems” or chemistry of living systems. However, it is now known that metal ions are essential to life, and that they are involved in the main life processes. In this talk, Clotilde Policar, a professor at ENS and the president of the International Society for BioInorganic Chemistry (SBIC,, describe how cells can be a challenging playground for the inorganic chemist. She will show how her group combines bioactivity assessment, quantification, speciation and imaging to understand the behaviour of catalytic antioxidants or metal-based probes in cells. (

Conférence dans le cadre de l’édition 2023 de la Conférence Olivier Legrain Sciences et Société intitulée "Louis Pasteur à l’ENS : rencontre entre chimie et biologie"

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Clotilde Policar
Département de Chimie de l'École normale supérieure

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Institutions : Ecole normale supérieure-PSL

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Clotilde Policar est enseignant-chercheur au laboratoire des BioMolécules du département de Chimie de l'École normale supérieure.

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